Boomerang Billy's Beach Bar and Grill

When you visit South Padre Island, Texas don't miss the fun at Boomerang Billy's Beach Bar and Grill. Boomerang Billy's, also affectionately known as Boomies, is located right on the beach at the end of east Amberjack Street at the back of the Surf Motel. If you're going to be on the island, you might as well be on the beach. You'll find good food, good drinks, good friends, and good times, including live music and dancing.

Leslie Blasing

You'll find Leslie at Boomerang Billy's most weekends, Saturday, and Sundays, between 1:30 and 4:30 PM... more or less. When Leslie is around, you can count on fun. She sings a great big selection of music, everything from rock and roll to Patsy Cline. During the week you will find her at the Shrimp Haus at the Schlitterbahn water park and on Sunday evening at the new Club Pelican West.

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The Menu - Boomerang Billy's Beach Bar and Grill

Looking for a great place to get a burger and beer on the beach? A day on the beach on South Padre Island, Texas is going will most likely make you hungry. Boomerang Billy's has a diverse menu of tasty food and delicious cold drinks that will satisfy your hunger without breaking your pocket book. Enjoy the fantastic views of the Gulf of Mexico while you enjoy your meal!

Where is Boomerang Billy's Beach Bar and Grill?

Boomerang Billy's is located on South Padre Island, Texas on Gulf Blvd at the end of Amberjack Street. It's conveniently located just one block off of Padre Blvd and best of all, Boomerang Billy's is beachfront. Boomerang Billy's is behind the Surf Motel. You'll find an interactive map on Google maps.

Things to do nearby Boomerang Billy’s Beach Bar

You had you coffee in the morning at Boomerang Billy’s Beach Bar and Grill and you do not know what to do the rest of the day? South Padre Island, Texas is a wonderful tourist destination for people of all ages. You can come here any time of year and you will still have fun. Whether you enjoy lying on the beach, fishing, watching for dolphins or horseback riding on the beach, your holiday on South Padre Island will offer you the adventure you are longing for.

Have fun on the beach

In case you are fascinated by surfing and you haven’t tried it yet, you must take a few lessons and wonderfully ride the waves. Put some efforts into it and it will offer you countless satisfactions. But if you do not think you can do it, opt for horseback riding on the beach and the docile horses will give you an experience that you will not forget soon.

Head to an adventure park, try on the slopes and dive into the warm water together with hundreds of other people who want to have fun. On your way to the hotel wear your SizeGenetics male enhancement device and make sure you will not interrupt your treatment. Go to Boomerang Billy’s Beach Bar and Grill for a delicious dinner and sing along the other folks in the bar while still having SizeGenetics on its place.

After a restful sleep overnight explore South Padre Island. Grab your camera, photograph the southernmost Gulf Coast of Texas and ask the locals what else you can do to have a great time on the island. Go deep fishing on a yacht, try to spot some dolphins around the boat or jump on a jet ski is you want to feel adrenaline rushing through your veins.

Take a break at Boomerang Billy’s, your favorite beach bar, try their flavorsome barbeque for lunch, laugh with your friends and enjoy every minute of this relaxing holiday. You can request a massage at one of the spa centers, watch how turtles are being released back in the ocean at Sea Turtle Rescue Center and get tanned on the golden beaches while reading a great book.

Charming things to do on this island

Since you will be just 10 miles away from the border with Mexico, you can go there to try some authentic Mexican food and come back just in time for the special program at Boomerang Billy’s Beach Bar. Enjoy the jokes of the drunken people around you, drink your beer in a delightful company and make plans for the next day together. Go bird watching in Madre Nature Trail and enjoy the wildlife if you are a patient person or head to the beach again and just lie on the sand all day long.

In case you want to purchase some remarkable souvenirs, go to Port Isabel and enjoy shopping around from the local craft stores. Make your way around South Padre Island and enjoy living your life at its fullest!

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